Results = 30% gym, 70% diet

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you have had a fabulous day! I certainly have. My parents left to go to Rome for the weekend this morning so its been peace and quiet in my house FINALLY thank gosh !!!!

However, no parents means i’ve had to cook my own meals and, no exaggeration, I can NOT cook.

Training or no training, it is very important that you get the correct nutrition and diet to fuel your body’s day-to-day needs, provide you with the energy you need to exercise and provide the proteins and fats needed for added muscle mass and energy restores. You can train all you want but if you do not fuel it YOU WILL BURN OUT and/or you will not see maximum effect of your training as your body is breaking your muscle down for energy as quick as you are building it. Training is very much 30% gym, 70% diet, meaning what you eat is so important to see the results you want! Therefore, today (and the rest of the weekend) is a big mission for me to keep up a healthy, nutritious diet despite not having my personal chefs (parents) around.

This morning I had weetabix topped with raisins and almond milk. For lunch I then (with the help of google lol) boiled an egg and put it on top of my newly found favourite bagel flavour, cinanmon and raisin, and a bed of spinach leaves, inspired by Joe Wicks. And finally for dinner, i really put the effort in and maxed out my abilities (again using google) to make the loveliest bowl of pesto pasta with sliced tomatos mixed in.

DON’T THEY LOOK GOOD!!!!! 😍 Honestly never been prouder haha! And I’m still alive to tell the tale so I didn’t do that bad of a job!

One of the best things you can eat as an athlete is eggs: whether that be boiled, scrambled or pouched (try to avoid fried unless you use low fat oil) as the egg white in a standard size egg provides 13g of protein, including all 9 of the amino acids that our body cannot produce itself. These are required to build muscle, repair muscle tissue and for growth – thus ESSENTIAL to consume throughout your fitness journey. The egg yolk contains vitmains A, D, E and K and all of the healthy fats needed for our bodies. Eggs are so so good for you and they should be your training programme best friend! (Anyway, you probably know this already!)

Sending love,

Meg xxxx

(P.S. Mum and dad watch out… Before you know it I may be the new favourite family chef!)

Myprotein UK

Delighted to announce that i have successfully been accepted as an affiliate with @myproteinuk, Europe’s number 1 sports nutrition brand!! 😁💪🏼


Myprotein has all of the nutrition and clothing needed to support every health and fitness goal – from increasing strength, energy levels and weight loss to speeding up recovery and encouraging positive and healthy lifestyles.

Myprotein UK has fuelled my fitness journey for the last 8 months and i’m so excited to help you learn about how their products, such as their impact Whey Protein, can benefit you, just as they have benefitted me!

I have never felt stronger and/or fitter and for the first time in my whole active lifestyle I’ve felt comfortable enough to workout in the gym in just a crop top due to the extra strength and definition, and with that the confidence, that Myprotein products has given me (and because the Myprotein crops are mega mega cute ofc!!💜)

More information on @myproteinuk to come soon, along with a discount code so that you can get your very own Myprotein products discounted too !! Yeyyy😁🙌🏼 #excitingtimes!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week,

Meg xxxx



Workout of the week 2 (18/08/18)

Hi lovelies,

It’s Wednesday!!… so you know what that means… its time for WORKOUT OF THE WEEK number 2😜💪🏼 #BIYTraining
This weeks workout focuses on building full body strength and as usual can be done at your own pace from the comfort of your own home🙌🏼 [Approx 15 mins. No gym or equipment needed❌] 👇🏼
1️⃣ 10x star jumps
2️⃣ 8x sit-ups
3️⃣ 12x plank saws
1️⃣ 10x leg raises
2️⃣ 10x press ups
3️⃣ 15x bodyweight squats
⏸ REST for 30 seconds
🔄 REPEAT 1-3
4️⃣ 20x elevated leg crunches
5️⃣ 10x side plank hip drops – left
6️⃣ 10x side plank hip drops – right
7️⃣ 14x hip lift marches
⏸ REST for 30 seconds
🔄 REPEAT 4-7
1️⃣ 30 seconds cobra pose
2️⃣ 30 seconds child pose
3️⃣ 10x standing hip circles – each direction
4️⃣ 5x walkouts
****‼️Again, please remember that i am not a qualified fitness instructor (yet). I just want to help you on your fitness journey😊****
Any questions, please ASK!!😁 Enjoy!
Go and smash it!!
#thisgirlcan #YOUcan!!

Learn to love yourself!

Hi everyone!

If i asked you to make a list of everything that you loved, how long would it take you for you to name yourself?

Stop criticising yourself!!! Praise yourself. Appreciate yourself. Support yourself. Pamper yourself. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate your successes. Do the things that make you happy. LOVE YOURSELF!

Loving yourself is not arrogance or unattractive. It is in fact the opposite. It will make you shine! You cannot reach your maximum potential unless you love who you are, what you stand for and all of your potential! YOU are the most important thing in your life, so whether you have had a good training day or a bad one, tell yourself that you are beautiful and amazing, BECAUSE YOU ARE! Allow yourself to love yourself.

Be the best version of you.


Sending love, Meg xxxxxxxxx


Workout of the week 1 (11/7/18)

Hi guys!

So I have some exciting news for you!!… ➡️ WORKOUT OF THE WEEK WEDNESDAYS as part of my very own training programme #BIYTraining!!

Every Wednesday I plan to post on this blog and my instagram page (@megcanfitness) my workout of the week that i’ve put together especially for you, in the hope that you can incorporate it into your weeks training & get those desired results!

Here is the first focusing on abs and glutes!!! [Approx 15 minutes. No gym or equipment needed!]😁🍑👇🏼

1️⃣ 5x high knee hold on each leg
2️⃣ 10x bodyweight squats
3️⃣ 30 second plank

1️⃣ 15x knee to elbow crunches
2️⃣ 15x hip lifts
3️⃣ 10x bird dogs on each side
4️⃣ 20x seated swivel kicks
5️⃣ 30x bicycles
6️⃣ 15x hip lift marches
7️⃣ 10x glute kickbacks on each leg
🔄 REPEAT 1-7

1️⃣ 30 seconds cobra pose
3️⃣ 30 seconds child pose

Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise and go through it all at your own pace. Remember that good/controlled form is better than fast speed! All of these exercises are fairly simple and can easily be done from the comfort of your own home.

If you are unsure what any of the exercises are (i may have named some different to what you name them, my apologies if so) or if you have any other questions then please just ASK!! 😊

*** ‼️Please note that I am not a qualified fitness instructor. I just want to help you on your fitness journey☺️ ***

Go and smash it xxx

Motivation Monday!

Hey everyone,

It’s the dreaded Monday which means back to work or back to school (sad) but it also means its time for some MONDAY MOTIVATION (YEY) !!!

Throughout your fitness journey you will face obstacles. You will face set backs. You will find yourself de-motivated at some points. BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! If you believe it will work out then you will see opportunities, only those who believe it won’t work out will see obstacles.

If and when things get tough, just remind yourself of why you started this journey in the first place and how much progress you have already made. Be proud of yourself and use your own achievements as motivation for the progress you are still yet to make. You are capable of more than you know. You can do it. I know you can.

Together we can do this!

(If you need extra motivation this week, do not be afraid to ask!)

Meg xxxxx


#thisgirlcan #YOUcan!


Important important important take home message !!

Good morning ☺️

Before i tell you what I really really need you to remember, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about me and why this message is so so important.

As you already know from my previous post, I’ve played netball and been involved in many different teams since I was a child. I started off playing at primary school and this developed into a social team of friends playing on Saturday mornings in a fun league, which developed into me joining competitive club netball.  The first club i played for was a brilliant gateway into the beginning of competitve netball and development into higher level netball but the opportunities this club gave wasn’t as great as some of the other, more elite clubs in my area.

In 2011 I was lucky enough to be selected to play for my county, Greater Manchester, and then in 2012 i was selected to play for Manchester Thunder Academy, under the coaching of some of the best in the country. But as I came from a less known, less elite club, I did not believe that i was good enough to be there. I was up against some absolutely anazing players, who had way more experience, coaching and knowledge than me and who were way more known in the netball community than me and I felt I’d been selected into the squads by mistake. I lacked the confidence and the self-belief that I needed to fully prove myself, progress and most importantly enjoy it and so I wanted to give up.

However, I had parents and coaches who believed in me, and they encouraged me not to give up. I eventually moved to a more elite club in hope of gaining the experience and coaching that i lacked to improve my game and confidence, but in fact the opposite happened. I felt even more out of my depth as I did not believe in myself and had lower confidence than ever, causing me to fall out of love with the game. I didn’t want to play anymore.

After a few months out and after encouragment from two coaches, I joined another club, YWCA Bury, where I trained and played for fun. Slowly I began to enjoy the game again, and amongst newly established friends my confidence grew again. I never believed in myself enough to retrial for the Thunder or county programmes but i loved my childhood sport again.

I currently play for UCL netball club as part of my university experience and i LOVE it. I’ve never enjoyed playing, training and supporting other players as much as i do now. I love it. I was skeptical to join at first as I know how my self belief has affected my confidence and performance in high level netball before, but the president of the club believed in me and i learnt to believe in myself again SO I DID! And i do not regret it.

Not only has university netball improved my confidence, performance and fitness, it has also created friendships, memories, skills and positive lifestyle changes that i can cherish and value forever.

For that I thank UCL netball club and everyone that has ever believed in me throughout my journey when i did not believe in myself.


Please, please, please BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. This is the most important message I can ever get across!

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Do not let your own mind be the thing that stops you from doing what you love!

No matter what the situation is, no matter what other people think and say, you CAN do it and you will! I know you can.

Just believe in yourself.

Meg xxxxx

#thisgirlcan #YOUcan !!


The reason behind the blog

Hi, everyone!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Meg!

sky-gardens-e1530910382982.png      Cloud 23.PNG

I’m currently a UCL student in London, although originally from Manchester. However, my first year at uni has been more than just studying and socializing! This year I’ve found myself in the uni gym multiple days a week, playing netball 3 times a week with the amazing UCL netball club and social running on Saturday mornings. I’ve always grown up with an active lifestyle as I have spent many years of my life playing for different netball teams and representing different clubs, but this year has been a huge milestone for me. Focusing on my own fitness, conditioning and endurance in the gym by following personalised training plans on the Nike training club app has made such a difference to my performance, strength and motivation. I have become so much stronger and quicker and I leave the gym feeling so much more positive than I did going in. I have never felt happier within myself and I LOVE what I do! … And I want you to join me. Starting from now!

I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to motivate and encourage you to exercise and lead a healthy active lifestyle too. It is so SO important! Those hours in the gym, on a sports court, in a swimming pool or on a running track are hours where you can focus on yourself, and solely yourself. No distractions. No stress. Just you. Those hours are crucial not only for your physical health but for your mental health, e.g. easing your anxiety, boosting your confidence, fighting insomnia, de-stressing, enhancing your mood and much much more! Exercise can be the solution (or one of them) to many of your problems! Exercise is not the enemy here.

Exercise comes in so many different forms! From simple things like walking and yoga to team sports like football, basketball, netball etc to extreme sports like parkour. THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!  People often make the mistake that you have to be an expert to get involved, BUT YOU DON’T! Everyone has to start somewhere. It’s ok to be a beginner, you just have to try! Believe in yourself!!

The idea of this blog came to me after finishing my first ever marathon in Liverpool as part of the 2018 Rock N Roll marathon series earlier in May (YES A MARATHON!!) with no training and no previous long distance experience. I was told by everyone who knew what I was thinking of doing that I was mad and that I’d find it really really tough and that I didn’t know what I had let myself in for (correct) and that I’d never finish it (INCORRECT!!) I DID IT !!!!!! I crossed the finish line in 5 hours 4 minutes & I’d never felt so proud of myself! I believed in myself when others didn’t & I persevered & I proved them wrong. But more importantly, I proved myself right. That feeling is so special.

Set yourself a goal. Challenge yourself. Test yourself. Motivate yourself. But most importantly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! I cannot stress that enough!

You can do it. I know you can!

Meg xxxx

#thisgirlcan #YOUcan !!!